symbolic warfare : razakarology 101

I hear that awami thugs are marauding dhaka and hassling people by creating property disputes and threatening 'Collaborator' Blackmail. ('We have your name on a 'list', if you dont give us X we will destroy your public honour with a Rajakar accusation.')

This technique of acquisition thus permits the 'pure' patriotic awami leaguer to dislodge any person judged not to mime his liberation mythology from their business, institution or home through sheer symbolic violence.

I must point the finger of complicity at those in possession of discernment who are involved in the active and passive upkeep and non-contestation of that simplistic, circular and homogeneous narrative of virtue upon which this drunken awaminess rests.

Interestingly, and perhaps democratically, but most definately moronarchically, the symbolic capitalists in the business of petty occupation have their analogues in the national political sphere. They are now filing cases of secularist takfir.

Holy Cow, the Nation State.

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