Book Banning Festival in Bangladesh

We are dealing with the Defence and Promotion of deen, life, progeny, dignity, intellect and property. Not human rights incorporated, freedom of speech wont feed my children, just brings heart disease and bootleg clothing.

The Matter at hand
The late founder of Jamat e Islami and writer Syed Abu Ala Maududi's publications are coming in for a new kind of attack from the Government of Bangladesh these days. It has banned his books from libraries, officially 'for Islam' and 'against extremism'. Actually it was for a couple of other strategic and tactical reasons: political vendetta, geopolitical sock puppetry and ideological opposition.

It is a ridicuous proposition. Blaming Maududi for any particular category of violent criminality in Bangladesh is like blaming Peter Gabriel for the technocratic commodification of multiple musical traditions for the white (sorry) ear that is 'World Music'. As the late awesome sociologist of the resurging world Syed Husain Alatas might have put it, 'somewhere along the line, a fool had left the imprint of their brain.'

I have a few meals of consider upon hearing this news.

1) The wealth, health and beauty of Islamic thought and practice across South Asia, or Dinia, but specifically Bangladesh.


2) What on earth these Awami Leaguers and supporters are playing at. The meals are two because the banning group, unfortunately, is not really interested in the first meal. It seems, officially at least, genetically incapable of talking to the first meal.

Googling around I found several kinds of responses online. They represent the circuits of people who use internet technologies rather than anything particularly intelligent and penetrative. The press in Bangladesh is under pretty strong government disciplining on these matters, but lets wait a couple of days before writing it of as completely in the pocket. This Dawn editorial is the most sensible response ive heard (yet).

On a rather salafi forum some of the more naive people brought up some of Maududi's pronouncements on Dajjal to shoo him away from their professed claim to authenticity. Is there a word to combine cute and cruel?

A rather poisonous brownsaheb blog claimed this a historic first for any government and ranted politically and selectively to promote the general ethos of the move, whilst qualifying ever so slightly that the move was wrong according to orthodox secular liberal doctrines.

A pakistani military wannabe forum of testosterony south asian willy-wavers hosted a much wider range of views, pretty loopy but interestingly covering quite a lot of bases.

Deshi blogs are unsympathetic to Maududi. Their access to him, Political Islam and Jamat-e-Islami through history is through the discursive traditions of war crimes, Bangladeshi foundationalism, student warfare and near historical construction/editing of curricula, culture and creativity.

Its all 'exciting' to listen to, perhaps even pornographic, but doesnt really address meal 1,which i recomend non-secularist deshi ummahtantrics focus on. Indeed the real blandness of the second meal points to meal 1

Enough with the firefighting.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that doesn't cancel out the fact that Maodude was a fascist-racist.

fug said...

i hear the fascist remark a lot, either a) because he wasnt secular-liberal-lefty, or b) because of the influence on his throught of certain european ideas but mainly because c) the construct islamo-fascism is very popular amongst secular hegemonic forces.

The rascist remark i havent heard before. apne ki deshi? Is this because he didnt back the bangladesh movement, or because it ryhmes with fascism? many people didnt back the secular movement and made judjments based on factors other than race, which tents not to be in islamist discourse anyway.

blaming moududi for social ills makes other people's faults innocent. its too simplistic.

I think his success in starting a movement, contributing to the past and present (mess or otherwise) is more about his actions than wordes. plenty of people wrote about islam and non secular futures, his ideas seem to have impressed people for some reason, and i think its because he walked his talk.

The ahmedi stuff in pakistan wasnt just him btw. sometimes we forget that there are and were plenty of islamic type actors out there.