In the rush to talk to government the umbrella organisation seems to have skipped over something far more interesting than talking to technocratic white men, that is weaving the ummatic mosaic together. What I mean is that basic stuff which you'd have thought forged the basis of an Ummahtic MoU.

The shared university experience has gone some way as to recosmopolitanising the musalman, but onlyamongst the few who got there.

Guys, find the way and the time, despite working life.


Alison Elise said...


I hope this finds you well. My name is Alison Jarrett and I am currently a post-graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, studying Global Media and Communications. I found your blog through a maze of links in the blogosphere. :)

At the moment I am beginning the empirical research for my dissertation which seeks to identify motivations among young British Muslims who create and maintain their own blogs and websites. I am looking primarily at motivations originating from Islamic identity, British identity and online youth culture identity. I am interested in learning about why they keep religious blogs, what sorts of things they write about, and the kinds of responses they get from readers.

For my specific research project, I am looking for young Muslims, age 18-35, who keep a religious blog or website. After reading through some of your blog, I would love to get some insight from you; it would enrich my research immensely.

If you wouldn't mind answering some questions, could you please let me know the best way to contact you? I have a quick survey to send, which you can fill out online, and from the surveys I'll be selecting interviewees.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice, and please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want more clarification on my work. The finished report is due to be released around November, and I will happily share my research and findings.

Thank you and have a beautiful day!

Best regards,
Alison Jarrett
MSc Global Media and Communications
London School of economics and Political Science

fug said...

hi there

It is a beautiful day.

How comes you are interested in Muslim motivations to blog?

I am interested to know how its different to christian or other kinds of non-atheist blogging?

btw who is supervising the work?

Alison Elise said...

I am interested in blogs relating to Islam for many different reasons. Personally, I see a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding of Islam by non-Muslims in the western world, even though Islam is becoming one of the most widely-practiced religions in the UK. Also, a lot of research tends to focus on "extremist" online activity. I'm interested in how more everyday beliefs and practices are shared online.
I attended a lecture by Tariq Ramadan earlier this year, and he talked about how Muslims need to educate non-Muslims about Islam, and online blogs and informational sites are a big part of this education in this age of social media. That got me interested initially.
Lastly, as Islam is making its way from the Eastern to the western world, it seems to face challenges and changes. I'm interested in learning about how those challenges are addressed by the online individual with the tools to communicate his/her thoughts and ideas to the world.
Does that explain my work a bit better?
Would you be interested in meeting up or at least exchanging emails?
Thank you for your interest! I'm really excited about this research.

Alison Elise said...

Are you still interested in having a chat to contribute to my research?
I can do whatever is easiest for you--email, phone, face-to-face, skype-chat, etc.

Thanks for your time!

fug said...