Dokhol time in Bangladesh

Having projected itself as a secular-cum-liberal-cum-subservient-cum-nominally-lefty political party to the powers of the West for a number of year and as the bulwark against 'Islamic fundamentalism' in Bangladesh, the Awami League now has unbridled state power and is reproducing itself with it in every way that it can imagine. Airports, bridges, public bodies, lynch mobs, campus mobs and illegal occupations (dokhol) of property that would make a Zionist blush. It is brutish, thuggish and will respect/tolerate no opposition.

This force can dominate Bangladesh because,
  • the competition is inadequate.
  • the public are gullible.
  • democratic practice has brought the worst out in the people.
  • the national mythology is locked into a perpetually degrading loop.
  • it takes a national re genesis event to stamp a new political imprint on the country.
  • many of the people who should be imagining better and beyond the secular boundary are otherwise occupied, dead or buried.

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Anonymous said...

Would you care to explain the Enemy Property Act to a Zionist?