Where to start?

The Awami league government in bangladesh has prepared a kangaroo court for some of its political enemies from Jamat Islami Bangladesh. Great emotional weaponry and evidence propagation has preceded these official actions.


A great deal of criminal activity was committed during the three/four way war for Bangladesh.

I say three/four way because you have sovereignty splitting at some stage and multiple official actors.

Firstly, pro liberation forces of Bangladeshi/Bangalee minus Bengali identity.
Secondly, there are the Pakistan forces
Thirdly, the Indian forces helping proto-Bangladesh
Fourthly, the pro-Pakistani forces within late east Pakistan and early Bangladesh.

Group 1 is now after the remnants of Group 4. Group 1 declares its interest is in War Crimes and Justice. Group 1 associates all non-secular views and subalternate national mythologies to stem genetically from Group 4. Group 1 is really quite mental and insecure.

So even as a political orphan, one cannot ignore or disown Group 1's warped view on war crimes. It is a stick to beat political opposition and is closely coupled to the programming of seculrijm/Jionijm into Bangali Nationalism. Red flag, Bull.

Yet, there are a growing number of people from Bangladesh, with access to non official sources and narratives of 71 times who do not see a macro nobility in the events of the most recent national genesis and do not give up and submit to the shubidabadiness that is deshi political praxis. Lord protect you from the poison of your brothers.
Power to you!


Rezwan said...

Lol as far as everybody in Bangladesh believe that the number 1 was fighting against the onslaught of number 2 with the help of number 3 and number 4 had actually settled their score against many of their political adversaries with the help of number 2 and their crimes against humanities are well recorded. The evidences against number 4 which did not want Bangladesh are well recorded.

Its not about politics, secularism and nationalism. Its having justice (although mostly will be symbolic as many of the perpetrators are old or dead) and making sure such human rights abuse does not happen again by these actors.

If there are allegations of war crimes against number 1 then please bring it on with evidence (not by Pakistani rhetoric or accusations) - nobody is above law.

fug said...

I'd like to test that theory of yours, (that nobody is above the law), I beleive some people are and I'd like to see that man seen bayonetting biharis on television stripped of honour but you know yourself that it will ever happen.

I dont believe a fair trial is possible in Bangladesh. mind have been made up and theres too much at stake. Can you imagine a judge throwing out a case that shahriar kabir and the nirmul committee have decided on the grounds of it being a total barefaced lie?

Id like to see those whose foolishness precipitated such violent over reaction and supression from the pakistani state brought to account. whoever they might be.

theres no justice, just copious amounts of self serving poisonous intergenerational blamestorming that interestingly enough moulds a peculiarly parochial secular subjectivity thats frankly quite lame.

no trial result will stop year zero 71sters from painting those who dont agree with their national myth as ghostly genocidal rapists from history.

Its simply an emotional game.

Rezwan said...

There can be no justice if we consider the genocide as myth. The 8000 Bosnian Muslims killed are declared as genocide. 1971 killings were mammoth in scale (don't waste futile times in trying to quantify - many family had at least one member killed).

There are far too many evidences of genocide http://www.genocidebangladesh.org/
available which should stop those people who are trying to ignore it.

And there can be no argument that because there were atrocities against Biharis too so it evenly scores out - thats a lame logic. If there are of allegations of abuse - then that will also need to be investigated.

fug said...

Thank you for the link, and for taking the time. May it lead to justice for the families and no injustices to the future generations.

I don't deny or ignore this bloodshed btw. I just don't trust the competency of any of the sources to know as completely as you do, and am not really inclined to go along for the ideological ride as so many others are. From field work I have done I came across several grown men who weeped when remembering their fathers, and their deaths in interview preambles.

The resource is a great contribution, bringing together a lot of revealing material to feed the dominant narrative. It doesnt address those with hearts, who mistrust much that the Nirmul brainwashing machine has done.

I look at whats happening in Bangladesh, the degree of violence and legal utilitarianism thats being unleashed on Jamat these days. I listen to friends who vehemently desire the hanging of accused jamat leaders and cant help but link the two to the state production and hate amplification at different points during the past 40 years.