Algerian Independence Day

Skeptical of so-called revolutions not delivering full spectral results in 28 days with no money back guarantee? Tired of have-a-go NGOs pulling your chain, manipulating the imagery of grief, begging you to like them? Frankley unimpressed by the sorry excuses for political leaders and parties unhabiting your ancestral Moronarchies?

Fancy engaging with a few particules of inspiration?

Well, 3rd July marks the solar anniversary of Algerian Independence from French rule. It is 50 years since that 1962 culmination of decades of organised struggle against a vicious, genocidal and merciless colonial force. I pray for the acceptance of the strugglers and hope that there is learning in our transnational decolonial movement.

This historic moment is under appreciated generally. For some filmic context, I recommend viewing Gillo Pontecorvo's film The Battle of Algiers which was made to reconstruct the early years of the war from 1954 to 1957.

Though independence as of 3rd July was announced by the colonial abuser, it was forced by a variety of different political means; from bullet to ballot. Not fucking Twitter.

The Young Algeria provided an umbrella for many anticolonial movements of the time, which was one of hope and possibility to many of our parent's and grandparent's generation.

How contemporary Algeria has subsequently unfolded should not detract from the importance of understanding its significance.

So screw other independences about now, 3rd July is for
  • Kicking Empire in the head
  • Connecting with and critically appraising the relevance of related concepts and tactics
  • Asking decolonial questions of the past and present future, 
  • Establishing afro-asian congress,
  • Rigorously engaging with settlers
  • Wondering how to distrupt destructive secularist-islamicist axial disintegration
  • Demanding France apologise and undertake restorative measures.


Anonymous said...

Why pick out this particular anti-colonialist war from the dozens at hand? It was hardly unique. The leading Algerian forces were the Secular FNL, MNA and the Commies. Islamism was not a major factor. Besides, colonialism is hardly a preserve of the European, what have the Serbs to say of 500 years of Ottoman Islamic occupation or the Bengalis about Pakistani colonialism or South Sudanese Christians about Norrgern Arab Sudanese? Or is Islanic Imperialism ok?

Fugstar said...

Hello again,

Maybe a misspelling missthrough you. for the first part of your statement.

•Wondering how to disrupt destructive secularist-islamicist axial disintegration

On Pakistani colonialism, Bengalis, like me, have a lot to say. Some people like to deploy ethnoracial nationalism on the situation, or through the tools of zionism at that dark time.. I dont. I look at the wigs of the Bangladeshi judiciary, the kilts and bugles of some of the gun totters, the system of land ownership. whince and hope for better.

Colonialism of the european nations is distinctly arseholey (commodification, coupling to socially and eecologically destructive industrial capitalism, subject-making, technological brutality, genocidal ideology), from those sadly reproduced by those who set out to battle it.

I find your equation ridiculous and do so look forward to your next visit.

Anonymous said...

So Islamic Imperialism is aok by you? lolz

So far from Islam....political expediancy all the way...tsk

Fugstar said...

Islamic Imperialism doesnt compute more like.