Ummahtic Disclaimer: To append to all your sincere communications

Dear Ummah,

Live and breathe the principles. Don't be scared that someone will grass you up to anti terror police, take away your government funding or tarnish your employment prospects.


The Ummah


Anonymous said...

Viva la Revolucion! (I'm digging up my Che t-shirt from the Uni days, as I write this.

My alternative message:

Dear Ummah/Proletariat,

Live and breath the Revolution1 Don't be scared to mouth off useless and hyperbolic slogans at the police, get more funding from shady and unaccountable Saudi Wahhabi sources (even if South asian Islam is hostile to Wahhabism) and don't bother applying for jobs (we'll draw benefits from 'the man' even as we mouth off against the government. Look hoe cool we are. The gurls love us.


The Ummah/Proletariat (or other such delusional and non-existant polity).

Fugstar said...

Dear bda

You wore a che t shirt? How consumeristically in-swinging of you.

I think you are speaking to a different universe, I speak of voicing concerns to elected representatives at the loss of civil rights and dubious extradition arrangements.

Love your attempts at geography of Muslim societies, but have to agree with your nobleminded suggestion of refusing petrodollar funds and strings.

Have you ever read (imagined communities)?