Amnesty and the Affirmative Action Alibi

Was the image i saw entering their barracks in east london, and the image that I left with. Enlightened hijaban amazed at the awesomeness of a corporate NGO providing  developmentia decoration.

The screening of In the Land of Freedom (check) followed the cases of the Angola 3, prisoners wrongly messed around by the US injustice system, specifically the state of Louisiana. One third of the 'team' was present for the QnA. Thats before the other 2 are still inside the jail, thanks to the A grade wanker attorney general.

In the QnA, the chair dodged the question from the floor about what Amnesty might do for Talha and Babar. It was asked by Talha's brother.

Robert King, the star of the evening, who lost 31 years to US  injustice, 29 in solitary confinement, gave his solidarity and voice. But strangely, the startled technocrat human rights worker thought it wasnt the right forum.

US jail conditions
Solitary confinement
UK citizen s about to be extradited with anticipated pretrial deetantion in Supermax facilities.

Also found out about a supermax facility/torture camp called pelican bay, built in the 90s on the back of tough crime talk in the 80s. And the perverse prison bed filling market economy.

There was something ghastly about a Black Panther being reduced the Amnesty showboating.

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