Resources on Our Olympic Times

Dissent has been eloquent and forthcoming from left, right and liberal directions. From the inept private Olympic security firm (G4S) that likes to run detention centres for Palestinian children by the Israeli Apartheid Wall, to the missiles installed on East London Housing, from the brand policing that makes you want to puke to the disturbing sound of the London Mayors stupid voice blathering at you on every mode of public transport, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a huge joke about how superficial we are.

Recommended readings and viewings below:

The Occupied Times interviews the Official ProtestersTM of the Olympic GamesTM

The German Der Speigel lets rip

Seamus Milne examines the lock-down

East Londoners march against missiles in their neighbourhood

Even the Daily Mail does exasperated quite well

Laurie Penny steps up

Simon Jenkins muses over the idea of an Olympic audit

Prof Mike Raco on Privatisation and Depoliticisation

Cassette boy gives us our dear Mayor's welcome to the Olympics

Meanwhile last weekend more than a few Affirmative Action Alibis were carrying the torch for neoliberal crapitalism, the SpaceHijackers were having fun

and Tariq Ramadan was posting his Ramadan Chronicles

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