EU Referendum

For a few months now we have been pondering the costs, benefits and horizons of the UK leaving the EU. My tendency is to cross the remain box, not out of support for enwhitenment values, or the white supremacy that the project represents, but because an empowered Govinator would wreak havoc on Muslims, minorities and the marginalised in the UK, not to mention everything and everyone else. I have some time for Corybnjaan and Varoufakis' respective transformation and transparency proposals, and think in terms of post-Newtonion politics of assemblage, alliance and multiplication with folks on the mainland. There is also the matter of convenience and uncertainty on close ones.

Fundamentally, this referendum is not an epistemological referendum on Eurocentricity, thats not what the Euroskeptic wing of the Tory party have been pushing for all these years.

Perhaps the Benazir effect and Halography of last week's political establishment false flag? assassination of innocent MP Jo Cox will prove an important factor to galvanise and clinch it for the cringeworthy Remain campaign this Thursday. It is hard to know how much disgust will have influenced turnout and decisions and difficult to have much faith in pollsters given their failures last year and propensity to poll superficially, pushily and counter democratically.

In any case Shaytan  is laughing his head off.

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