The Liberidinal Economy of Human Whites and Weights

 Reporting islamophobic and racial offenses,
Are the currency of the Liberidinal Economy.
Our parents salved far deeper wounds than these.
He said, to the chimes of the Fasting Bell

Commodify the structure of your oppression,
For somebody else's database, and dismissal.
But don't forget to whiten it up, for good measure.
Said Mama and the good cop to the libtard horn section of the bremoaning snorus.

This is practical suggestion
Not simply decolonial dismissal.
Our pain receptors are networked after all.
Just overloaded with current bums.

Ohms aren't my favourite unit of resistance to Power.

So take that zulm, geopoetically,
Pull back,
And fire your nuron cannons into the eyes of white supremacy.

See you at Eid.

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