White Supremacy at the core of British Green Politics

I love Caroline Lucas, especially for her sincere support of detainee and extraditee poet Talha Ahsan during his ordeal through the British and US injustice systems.  Yesterday she announced she would be running for co-leadership of the Green Party with Jonathan Bartley. I feel a bit annoyed that the new green leadership election looks cringey and predetermined from where I'm standing.

Co-Leader? FFS?!?!?

Bartley is an interesting running mate, not least for the nonsecular possibilities he conveys, but also his ahem ... experience working on John Major's conservative party election campaign fresh out of LSE. However, his whiteness is limiting to what the Green Party can achieve over the next 5 years and says what it is on the tin.

Fundamentally, the world's ecological crisis has a lot to do with white supremacy, and so race and decoloniality are more than decorative issues, they are integral to transformation. Clearly many of the people peopling the party don't really get it, from 'The Surge', to the Tower Hamlets group's silence during the coup on Lutfur while the BME group launched its manifesto from Bricklane, to their failure to select a non white person high up in their GLA list.

So why are they not an enwhitled bunch of neoMalthusianites again?

All Power to Decolonial Dawah.

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