#KeepCorbyn : Demonstrate on Monday 26th May, 6 pm, Parliament Square

We live in interesting times.

Tomorrow (Monday 27th July) at 6pm in Parliament Square, Momentum have called for an emergency action expressing solidarity and confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. Corbyn - and what his rise means - is a vital trajectory of hope in this increasingly despairing society.

A ray of hope that the media and Labour Right establishments are committed to stamping out.

With the shocking results ( .csv) of last Thursday's EU referendum still being ingested, and a spike in right-wing violence and intimidation of eastern European and non-white people, Tony Blair's political children in the Parliamentary Labour Party  have decided that now is the best time to try a coup.

It is pretty sickening, but hopefully demonstrates the truth of the matter.

The Chilcot Report into the UK decision to  go to war on Iraq is due in little over a week, we can think of Tony Blair' Labour bots as accessories to his acts of national destruction and ISIS creation. Coloniality and imperialism overseas is connected to the political game afoot here today, and we can no because the technocrats.

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