Another generation of morons?

Having wasted a lot of the 90s with their displaced angst, certain forces are still hogging the millat. No such thing as a sacred space for this lot, its all to do will willy waving, argumentation, status symbolism and charisma for these folks. Our faculty for collective self correction had better kick in soon.
Take Brother Beardface for example. Born to a middle class bengali muslim setting and attending a decent uni in the 90s, he became salaficated. However his salafication did not hinder his capitulation to corporate greed industry. It was syncretic and messed up. He is now to be found in Dubai, servicing the Arabian petrobuck like a good Hindustani Manslave, disabling all those around him who are stupid enough with his incomplete rebirthing. Brother Beardface wasnt Sylatian.
The petrobuck induced stuppor is going to take a while longer to die methinks, perhaps another generation. It is reproducing itself in front of my eyes. It would be less distracting if we werent actually, at the end of the day, so bloody materialistic.
Brother Beardface thankfully at least withdrew from the equation and has some manners. We only need fear harm from the indirect social consequences of his continued existance and flourishing. Not so in the case of Brother Babyface. Hailing from the other armpit of south asia, him and his ilk invade those rare spaces of frank and exploratory muslim discourse, those spaces that people work hard to nurtre. They invade with arrogance, preconception and thuggishness ablaze and waste everybodies time and mood. We need a quietening down.
These people are messing up the millat and disabling its maturation. The Slap and Hug and Dignified Ladders for Backing Down strategies must be deployed with no further ado.

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