[New Word] Moronic Irrigation

It has been a while. I have my reasons.

The drenching of stale and dry, abrasive thoughts and folks with some kinda dewey stuff.

for example,

"Moronic Irrigation clears the most stubborn of groups of their harmfulness" agreed a panel of shoe shiners at their weekly get together outside Dhaka Central Jail today. Nobody bearing white english captive mind credentials was present and neither were any ugly people shoving microphones in people's faces. No government secretaries were present either, though the party could hear some kind of Fight Club noises emanating from the jailkhana, where celebrity thugs and corrupt politicians were being held in preparation for their eventual re-election. This was the extent of official presense at this landmark gathering.


The Millat of Britain was stumped. Many amongst them equated the most random of things with religious pride and took needlessly strong positions on matters they could not have a clue about. From Biofiqh to Grand Political Theory, from Theological Borders to Cultural Strategy, their wires were crossed in several places. It was cute that they had spirit, but it was really being wrongly directed. Folks, usually blokes, were willywaving embarrassingly and it was turning off the interest of people who were genuinely curious and kind of mind. Moronic Irrigation was the order of the day, but how?

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