Eid programming and the Alimpics

The problem of the religious fool, is that he causes damage to good causes.  

Take for example the issue of just nikah and marriage, or perhaps moonsighting or lets even stretch it to desalaphication.  We would all like more beautiful married relationships and fewer squashed female dreams, cohesive celebration would be nice and a blossoming of phronetic creativity. The manner of movement towards these objectives needs to rock. You dont write crap articles for the white liberal press about your rendering of 'Ye ol cowering Musalman' through your technocratic legalese, fiqh stick 'fix'. You take a leaf out of the School of Deoband, back in the day they did something about widows being unmarried by a whole bunch of scholars and students going a head and marrying them.

Its not a great idea to take out one's anti wahabiness on the significant institutions which had us nearly doing coincidental Eid's a few years ago. We saw how low HT went as they split families over Eid, now we are seeing how other allegedly superior types arent actually any better. The right day may not matter as much as really putting on a great show and sharing the joy on whatever day it happens to fall on. The pindus will always follow pakland, as will their progeny. We must accept that because they are our brothers. The bengies in the ganj and those who watch pictures from Makkah in real time will always push and andolon their big mosques to follow saudi. Nigeria will always call the hilal a few days earlier! but the funniest thing is how Saudi does have the trumpcard on this matter... the bloody occupiers.

Its complicated to say the least.

If unity is desired, there is an easier way to start with. It is as simple as organising an Eidghah, an arena where the multitudes can pray Eid namaz at the same time in the same place. This is the norm in the more established Ummah, but here its hard. Already town councils dont want us to have mosques and put up barriers to every piddly thing, even when our own lamoness is accounted for. They don't understand how our capacity requirement is so uneven, from Eid , to Jumma, to Taraweeh to .... Fajr. Carpark technology can't cope and we are too petrol addicted.

But the evil is so imprinted in their complaints. I remember when the status of my local mosque came up. They complained that Muslims would wear out the pavement. Anyway...


I am worried that Mayor Boris is going to declare war on china during the Alimpic handover. Its funny, Ken is the one who got them for us, now he has been pushed aside by this other character, who has now assumed he role of the new party animal. Ok, humour happens when he does open his mouth, but he still calls africans piccaninnis with water melon smiles. (but tbh he's probably not as colourist as an Indian).

Ive been most interested in the Badminton and Gymnastics this time around, have not had much chance to watch much else. It was amusing to see BMX biking on the roster but there was an interesting incident in the martial arts which had a lot to do with ethics and politics. Its a bit like when brother Zinnedine did that head butt...

"I apologise to the Chinese spectators, but justice must come first"

Olympic official changing the result of a tae Kwon Do match in favour of a british girl (Sarah Stevenson) fighter after judges didn't score a lady's match properly the first time. The chinese lady (the unbeaten Chung Xiong) was taken out of the semi finals after clear evidence was presented to them (video of Sara's foot landing in her opponents face) following brit protest.

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