Daily Star, I know what you are.

BD specific post, again.
"Between the billboard self-adulation across highways of metallic isolation there lies the deafening screaming of the millions wiping out the diseased pages of apathy that bleed our innocence..."

This slightly modified spoken word lead-in to the Manic Song 'Love's Sweet Exile' is what i remembered when clicking through tomorrow's Daily Star AKA the Daily Ondhokar, Dhaka.

The caption reads
"Street urchins sit dangerously on the guard rail of a foot bridge in front of Dhaka Polytechnic Institute in Tejgaon yesterday. Photo: STAR"

Street Urchins? are you telling me that beneath all that eastern wiberal development rights secularspoken platitude ridden safety blanket you havent even purged that Victorian Value yet? or maybe you don't recogise it as a dehumanising guffridden term. They are of course born not to be able to read youre blessed paper as your ilk's language ideology would find that worrisome.

Then I remember Late Great Syed Husain Alatas's killer line...

"... somewhere along the line, a fool had left the imprint of his mind"


Anonymous said...

A bit pedantic surely? According to the dictionary it means: "a child who spends most of his time in the streets especially in slum areas"

fug said...

aah, the Salahuddin Quader Choudhury defence (wrt. 'if she(hasina) wants shona she should ask her husband).

its not a nice term for human beings. yes we can be worse than animals, but we can be better than angels.

urchins are hedghogy type creatures. would the daily ondhokar dare to address english medium brainwashed youth as urchins?

now there's a good hindustani manslave.

Anonymous said...


The term "street urchin" in common usage today has nothing to do with the etymology of the word "urchin", you can look it up in as many sources as you wish. You are being pedantic and if i continue any further, so will I.