It is sad what is unfolding in Georgia. One must avoid being a pawn in another's game of power even if it is sugar coated with 'liberty'. The powers that coax are those that need to be resisted, no matter what tricks one thinks they can pull. NATO and co will use you and make fools of you because you are a pawn in their game. Your apparent cluelessness concerning power mechanics is costing you dear. Short term, medium term, long term.... I can't help but think that you have screwed yourself.

There is a rather virile Notis song that has a line concerning duff leaders that lead their sheep to the wolves. Actually its the chorus,
Sheep, our turn is coming
And you little shepherds can go get a haircut
Sheep, wake up, reach the heights
Wolves will exist as long as sheep exist

But the sheep also share the blame in appointing fake shepherds and false herding techniques. I guess that the heartstrings of the 'International Community' will be pulled more and more in coming days as the Georgian situation and position becomes more desperate. Exhilaration for Russia. Middle finger to the US. Strange political timing, stranger geo-economics and bizarre streams of propaganda. No conceivable Georgian gain...

Nationalism really looks like a stupid idea when you see this stuff happening to small countries. Folks should opt out.

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