British Moronarchy censors PressTV, a counterhegemonic voice

Earlier this week I heard the news that Ofcom, the uk communications watchdog had withdrawn PressTVs UK license. They cited some bullshit fine and pointed at Iranian editorial oversight.

Fuck you Ofcom, and the decision tree that led to this. I hope you rot in a Shepherd's Bush.

Sometimes acts of evil epistemicide, the killing of ways of knowing, occur that are strategic and have impacts far into the future. Like about 10 years ago when UK Zionists put Hamas on a terrorist list. I wonder if this is one of those instances, or if its actually that important in the general pattern of our maturing processes.

The human rights bitches have had their knives out for PressTV for a while. When I would visit a house with a TV and facility to view the channel, I would make sure I would have a look. Good stuff on a budget and in the context of a lot of drivel and developmentia. Presstv lived in a tv ecology that included Channel S, Peace TV, Aljazeera and Channel 4.

What I liked is that they would take our parents opinions, ie the truth, and run with them as far as they could. None of that white veneering that media workers of colour have to  serve us under the duress of white structures of power. None of that dependence on advertising that infantalises other outlets.

Zindabad PressTV, britons are enslaved by the BBC.


Anonymous said...

Wow fug, don't you know any Iranians? London is full of them, and rarely do you meet any that are fans of Press TV, (not to mention Shariati). Not that I support the ban - I say who is Ofcom to arbitrate what is propaganda? Why don't they ban Fox News? etc. But I wouldn't go so far as to actually praise Press TV as you do. That's like saying that because we oppose possible war on Iran, we therefore support the Iranian state. Ridiculous! Again I question your idea that some things serve white power structures, and others don't. I think there is a lot more complexity in what is wanted or needeed by the white power structure at any given time. OK you didn't want to squabble over funding, but it's pretty crucial if you are making the argument that some parts of your community are outside and against. Hamas and its funding by Israel? the Muslim Brotherhood and its courting/funding by the US and UK security services? Local government funding of Jamaati organisations? All this helped make you. Did the white power structures make a mistake with all of these? Or could it be that you and all of us don't exist in a world where your identity is so 'other' to whiteness/westernness/secularism...who does your 'us' include? Where in the world do you find the pure, the authentic, the homogenous with no troublesome dissenting minority voices?

fug said...

Thankyou for your comments.

I know some Iranians, they come with political differences and origins.

Whats your point, not enough facebook likes?

You wouldn't praise PressTV, fair dos. I find them praiseworthy and look forward to their maturing future. I reject the Ofcom decision, which you do too, which is a glorious agreement. Maybe you should spend more time engaging with ofcom, and less time reproduceing soft white power?.

There is a difference between dewesternisation approach and decoloniality, spare me the 'us and them cliche.