Islamic Welfare State

I am wondering about what it means as a political project.
Imran Khan has declared his ambition to deliver one with his party in pakistan.  Many have tried to in the past and it is an aspiration shared by many. It forces you to think what an islamic polity does.

Kalyan = Welfare

There are plenty of organisation dedicated to this, technocratically. Yet state power has benefits.

Think state as form of polity space, rather than through land worshipping and exclusivistic nationalisms.

A state that enables and assists virtuosity by strengthening, hopening and guarding people.
We are the state for now, I guess. So craft that organisational ecology, nurture that episteamology.

Islamic, now thats what i call a big adjective.
Of course theres a need to call it and not apologise-overcompensate. Let it convey through action to.

No political deification, or riba. la illaha

Yes, wakfability and distributive justice measures
Strong boned maqasid al sharia framework, promoting faith, live, dignity, intellect, property and lineage.

Fingers pointing in witness to the one. Not crossed,

Tehrik e ihsaan
Party time

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