The Wastes of Time

Syed Sajjad Hussain wrote a book called The Wastes of Time detailing his reflections of 1971. He was a student of Dhaka Uni in the 1940s, and then English Literature professor who became VC of Rajshahi who was transferred to Dhaka Uni around June July 1971.

He was a staunch supporter of the ideals of Pakistan as he saw them, not a Bengali Nationalist at all, and I wish  he were alive to ask him questions. Theres another of his books thats useful, called the young Muslims guide to the Modern world. When I go to Dhaka and search for penetrating writing on Islam in the world, its basically only his stuff that keeps coming up. This speaks volumes about the spiritual-intellectual momentum of the place.

Im revisiting The Wastes of Time as its been about ten years, and events are unfolding now that require some BS detecting. He was beaten mercilessly and left for dead following the surrender of Pakistani forces on December 19th. His experiences of jail, betrayal and our people are very thoughtfully written.

In a bookshop somewhere between the two gulshans some years ago I remember having a discursive 'altercation' with a then present student of Dhaka Uni who was working there. I learnt how the young are brought up carefully to tread only on the steps that have been chosen.

Will post the link here in a bit. But im very interested in collecting recollections of decisions made by the 1972 cabal of gangsters who took over the asylum courtesy of the Indian Army and our historic foolishnesses.

The Bose wars of last year were a fascinating eye into how easy it can be to make better sense than the nonsense thats peddled out there. The positionality of the deshi suspended from space is great too. Diaspority provides this, less vulnerability to the cult of shubidabaddiness.

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