MYHgate Part 3 Wolf(,) Whistling?

Ever think you were being played for a greatfool muppet?

In an age where the microphone, reputation management and lawfare are the preserve of the more powerful, we could do worse than listen for the silences, the cheese and the occlusions.

The writer writes well about how they are sorry for any wrong doing and harm, explaining inbetween sobs, that their opposition was heinous and drove them gaga and that they look forward to moving on. Terrible time to be going through.

The endangered volunteers remain gagged under threats from lawyers and an investigating Board interested in surviving an emergency general meeting today, one which they should have called at least a month ago to bring Number One and Number Two to account for their playground misbehaviour, backstabbing and bullying of volunteers.

The Board only jumped when Fosis intervened. I guess its a one of those trophy boards.

We probably wont hear from the signatories of the May 18th petition as lawfare and Board's adhoc policymaking have cast heavy shadows of immobilisation upon them, and they are retracting their signatures for fear and ease. We don't hear the contents of their original internal petition as its been framed by the grassing up letter and the apology.

Occlusion, misdirection, suppression and silencing.

My favourite part of the verbose 'letter of apology' is where we are asked to feel reassured that the kindhearted dialogical folk in Prevent/Channel/Implode are ok really. Followed closely by the casting of 'Noor' as passive victim and the use of 'John' as an affirmative action alibi.

Note that the hacker/sniffer who made the whistleblower website should really have studied the adab of heckling, drawn up a trouble timeline and redacted the personal detail bits, as they endanger the volunteer's cause, and lend credence to the other belligerents. Because technocrats value procedure over justice.

The board will give excuses and a sob story, empowered by the apology, what tune will the wolves whistle?

Sheep you make wolves possible, wake up your time has come.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you think this is OK then: forums.islamicawakening.com/f18/muslim-youth-helpline-closes-ceo-stands-down-59457/

Anonymous said...

Test (please delete, just want to see if you have comment approval or if my last comment didn't go through at all)

Fugstar said...

The chatter on that forum shows baby-stupidity touched by a salafic epistemystique on one hand (segregation and hijab = islamicity comment), and tribalism (them shias are always stabbing sunnis comment).

Not really relevant to the Regevian 'Apology' tafseer.