MYH-Gate: Entirely Preventable

After the *alleged* news that the *alleged* leadership of an *alleged* youth orientated organisation was playing *alleged* extremism cards against its volunteer staff to wriggle out of *alleged* bullying charges, the organisation is in meltdown, spectators of the car-crash are pulling pieces of shrapnel out of eachothers backsides, and trustees are trying to build trust. As hardcore lawyers have been deployed by the person at the core of the intergalactic bumwave, you may take this blog as a work of speculative Su-Fi if you like,

Supernovae are of the brightest objects in the universe. This is where stars are born. 

It is *allegedly* sad that a dude who we thought was an up-and-coming political writer for a better world was caught in such an apparent, compromised position. We await his articulate explanation with hope. In recent efforts to *allegedly* stop being pissed of with him I have a fantasy where it's a jinn what-done-it bruv.

Ok, my fingers hurt. Though my maths is rusty I shall apply the following disclaimer integral for allegations, speculations and truth over the whole post and we hope that the attack drones at Mishcon de Reya get the message.

To manipulate contacts inside the security apparatus to bring harm on innocent people blows my mind and I struggle to imagine the fields of delusion and whisperings operating around the couple at the time. To cry 'from an extremist agenda' in the current situation where Muslims are regarded as menacing and suspicious really sucks.  And for what? To help ones spouse in an employment dispute at a little have-a-go NGO?

And that's not to mention the way the data travelled through the security service organisations, with slimy due diligenceless nonchalant ease.

Sh!t, Fan, Mess. Ghusl?

One of the most powerful arguments that is deployed in the organisation's defence is that it does good work for vulnerable people who are neglected and abused. This will regularly be used to justify the organisation's continuing existence, despite the mistrust it has emitted, its misleadership and the decay curve it has been on for many years. Most will find the restore-continuity directive compelling, and I see why its a key message to convey. I'm just not so sure and its not because I like to devour young girls for breakfast, but because of the most basic observation of developmentia.

For developmentia is dressed with copious virtue and laden with well presented practical results. It is like dementia but with dubious donors.

My feeling is that despite the financial constraints it might appear to put on us, we need to fund our own work/deeds to a much greater degree, and commit acts of socio-spiritual love without such formalistic conceits as charities and NGOs et al.  Subcontracting action to G(rel)ief and Aids organisations doesn't work for the kind of Jamarchitecture I'm imagining.  For not only does it delimit, depoliticise and murder the sincerity and humanity out of us, it is administered by fools, who are becoming increasingly malicious and hooked on government service delivery dosh.

Big funding might help establish buildings, but the strings and baggage are really not worth it in the long run. In the 70s people suckled on Saudi petrobucks, and some on Iranian ones, in the 00's there has been too much taking of govt disciplinary dosh. The latest injection goes a long way to explain the situation that unfolded in the youth organisation. The sasa (uncle) generation that some find it fashionable to despise and ridicule as insensitive simpletons would never sell their children down the river.

Slap them about a bit and keep them straight? Yes, but shop them in on false pretences? Never.

What's scary is the snapshot MYHgate has given us of the world of the insecurity industry and its tentacles that extend into our very bodies. What we think we see and what we have seen are only the tip of the iceberg of what goes on and what we have to live with.

We are lucky to have these arsifacts (def: fossils of f£$%*edupness). Plenty of people aren't so stupid as to complain about hacking to police using the same computers and services that they alleged to be hacked in the first place.  As a friend of mine pointed out, there is a positive way of seeing this, as an unsurprising event that will enable something greater to rise out of the ashes of mediocrity. 

But these are thin linings. How much trust has been destroyed? How many young people have been misled? How many of us are really on the books of insecurity jobsworths? How many people have the police got to record and harm on the basis of utter BS?

The men stroking cats love to point the finger at the community for involving them in grudge matches, it gets them off the hook and reinforces the mistrust cascade.


Anonymous said...

Your absolutely crazy Fug - but I love you. Interesting points, especially that its typical case of developmentia.

Train wreck, yep that sounds a about right. Pity is about to get worse. Unfortunate more revelations will come out, that reveal this be even worse than it now seems.

A word on the wise, solicitors are firing of letters like crazy. Careful with words (allegedly, he said ' ', and all that), though I suspect you'll forget it anyway.

Anonymous said...

*ignore it anyway.

Fugstar said...

i put in some maths and asterisks

Anonymous said...

Of course :).

Fugstar said...
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