Sufi Exceptionalism

Is something, not especially the preserve of the self defining mystics, but an annoying enough trait to warrant a kick in the teeth. Its a consequence of pyrimidal thinking that you get in particularly heirarchical spaces moved by socio-political pirisms and gatekeeperisms. WarOnTerrorTimes has brought it to the fore, but we are sure its not new.

The UK millet is quite messy, and still hasnt yet shown its unity upon truth to be a defining characteristic. There is always a sufi exceptionalist ready to break any kind of rank. Sometimes they are white, sometimes they are brown.

To be fair the political weather has produced them over recent times and other kinds of developmentia and stupidity have sapped the mojo from their salafi adversaries.

This Mahdi-complex also afflicts post Islamists, the ex Islamist industry, all native informants and the odd ikhwanker here and there.

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