What should not have been

The toxic odour of betrayal
Wafted along the breeze
What was becoming apparent (over recent days)
Our hearts could not believe

Developmentia organised
In pathetic technicolour.
Brittle technocratic souls
Engaging foreign power.

How fucking dare you sell them down,
That god forbidding river
I await your untold side to this
And long to be your brother.


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Christian Jenny said...

One of the best. Thanks for sharing.

Reflective Recursion said...

Betrayal needs no enemies
As hate be its friend
Being twice removed
Seems to offer no end

What point is there to a journey
If there is no goal to reach
So take my glad tidings
And hold on; the benefits will reap

My brother there is hope
As long as you have faith
The road may seem long and wound
But promise survives of a better place