Archive news report of Bihari ordeal in new Bangladesh

really sad.


Ankh Morpok said...

Thankfully the situation has moved on in Bangladesh. The Biharis have been given full citizenship, including voting rights. Even though some older Biharis still see themselves as Pakistanis; a country which used and now abandons them.

Fugstar said...

In some ways they have, there is strong support for their rehonouring as citizens, even though there is clear government neglect and Bangalist racism against them.

Bengali nationalisms inherent fascism finds it hard to accord non bengalis rights, space and restoration. This is especially the case regarding this community which reminds the establishment of its preestablished history.

This community was a victim of terrible massacres at the hands and bayonets of our Freedom Fighters. Sometimes I read the failure of the first Bangladesh govt's industrial policy as a consequence of pretty much annihilating this group.

Ankh Morpok said...

I think the failures in implementing minority rights in Bangladesh are down to a lack of government will, public awareness, resources and a sophisticated understanding of multiculturalism; accepting religious, ethnic and social differences.

The same could be said of the Hindu and indigenous minorities, who are victims of the Islamist right.

The fact some Biharis supported Pakistan Pre Liberation, and were rewarded disproportionately with jobs in certain sectors, are additional factors in their marginalisation.

I think you'll agree that Pre Liberation anti-Bengali discrimination by the Punjabi Pakistani dictatorships explains the way Biharis were treated after Liberation. It isn't right. But it can't be denied either.

Btw, for the sake of the balance you claim to want, will you now also put up an archival video of the hundreds of thousands if not millions (numbers disputed) of Bengalis who were murdered. They were after all the majority victims of that war.

Say a video of the hundreds of intellectuals killed by the Pakistani army and it's local Islamist collaborators?

Fugstar said...

I believe that representations of those who suffered at the hands of the late pakistan regime are those that dominate the discourse and drown out better sense making.

Bangladesh's industrial failure in part can be attributed to this ultra violence envy-based politics.

I don't think that prejudices from west pakistan can adequately explain what havoc many so called mukti forces unleashed on their compatriots and the wishy washy excuse making you offer.

Sad fact we have little way of knowing extents at present.

As the official narratives wound around the war have been shown to be self-serving, a roving, ecological and evidenced one is to be encouraged.

Failing to recognise the wild violence in our body politics means we are unable to understand why the chatro league and parent company are so ultra violent and insidious.

These parties can only exist because of the inverted security trick that they play on the public that paralyses the state and renders the middle class depoliticised.