Mehfil Ali debate on the situation in Syria


Ankh Morpok said...

The discussion on the situation in Syria again highlights the bankruptcy of Islamism, particularly the na├»ve and ahistorical ideas around ‘Islamic brotherhood’ in the ‘Ummah’.
As in the cases of the freedom struggles of Kashmir and Chechnya, the involvement of Jihadist groups Islamising a previously secular nationalistic movement for self-determination, has made a bad situation worse for ordinary people.

If the Syrian opposition hadn’t been hijacked by Jihadist groups, including many foreign fighters, when Assad massacred peaceful protesters, the West would have wholeheartedly supported them with material and Assad would now be doing a Mussolini (dangling from a lamp post). Syria could have been well on the way to an agreement on power sharing between the different groups and maybe even have held free and fair(ish) elections by now.

As the good Reverend stated, corruption of religion for political ends is really ugly.

Fugstar said...

There is a problem with foolish mIslamism, which undermined late President Aslan Mashkadov and continues to plague others. It has something to do with the salafi triangle.

the religious lesson that foolish friends are worse that enemies rings true here.

reverend spoke a lot of sense, panel could but didnt include a grounded sunni syrian perspective.