[New Word] Developmint

1) An item of breath freshening confectionery that causes one whiteness and civilisation
2) Wealth accrued through working in the development industry.
3) The key institutions through which the currency of said industry is conceived and pushed out.

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Ankh Morpok said...

Are you mad at NGO's because they have the ideas, organisation, capability and resources to assist underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh and directly challenge Islamist ideas and charity work eg. empowering females and advocating minority rights and better governance?

Let me help you with this.

As a Muslim you should want what is best for people. You shouldn't look at everything in terms of ideology. This is a great failing of Islamists and prevents you from formulating realistic goals and policies.

Do you think the poor in Bangladesh care whether their last free meal came from a secular or Islamic charity/NGO?