Reflections as Egypt goes all #shahbag

Patrick Galey puts the happenings in Egypt in a way that renders the foolishnesses rampant in Bangladesh (Re: Shahbag) and Turkey (re: Occupygezi) http://patrickgaley.com/2013/07/01/the-day-the-revolution-died/

The power of the Fascmob, a spontaneous gathering of intolerant mendacity,  to reverse justice and political gains is never to be under estimated.

I remember when the news of Mubarak's stepping aside was announced on Jumma day of February the 11th 2011, the closing day of the World Social Forum in Dakar Senegal. Then, the possibility of another world seemed closer then than it does today.

It was a strange time that I called Threedom, where Islamists, Leftists and Liberals jumped for joy and painted their meanings all over the matter.

The problem of seculib cheating, and the support for this cheating needs to be investigated.


Ankh Morpok said...

Those of us who support secular politics always knew that Islamism was all slogans and oppositional politics. It simply isn't viable.

It isn't a surprise to any other than their diehard followers that Islamists don't have a coherent economic policy. Although even I am amazed that they fucked Egypt up in just over a year. They made even Mubarak look efficient and competent.

To invert the famous Ikwani slogan: 'Islam isn't the solution, brother'!!!

Here's to the beginning of post Islamism....

Fugstar said...

post islamism started many years ago as nonsecular people lost confidence in movements to mount effective challenge and service.

i think you are arriving here with a specific, and quite childlike political conversation in your head. which I am not really part of.