The Tulips of Westerham

The world of the Bangladeshi Awami Moronarchy is not impenetrable to the outsider, because its braggishness knows few bounds.

In this video we can see the Prime Minister of long suffering Bangladesh, her sister Rehana Siddiq and associated sycophants of the Awami-Labour Party rally to celebrate the wedding of a youngling Tulip Siddiq, soon to be crowned Labour candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn.

I trust they were all personally rooting for principles of social justice, egalitarianism and human dignity. Not.


There is no accounting for tastes amongst the vicious thugs that control Bangladesh, but that is a secondary concern.

I wonder how much blood was in that badly designed banqueting suite in Newham. From the power-wielding family members and spooks to the Chatro League brown shirts and I wonder how much of this skull duggery the youngling Tulip would know about and condone, given her history of lobbying and campaigning for her family's political concern.

The most feared people in Bangladesh are the Awami Leagues brownshirt Chattro League, even the police are scared of them during their joint operations on the Bangladesh publics.


Which reminds me. Earlier in her famous 'Hefazot Smeared Red Dye On Their Chests' speech to Bangladesh Parliament on 29th(ish) June, the Prime Minister had 'rewritten' Islamic jurisprudence, lashing out at Barrister Kamal Hossein's daughter Barrister Sara Hossein's marriage to the Journalist David Bergman, who has a Jewish background, in order to present her son Joy's marriage in a virtuous light.

Because we care so much.


Ankh Morpok said...

So, what? People aren't supposed to get married, now?

We get that you hate the Awami League and love Jamaat, but do you actually have any specific accusations to make against the subject of this piece?

Ladies and Gentlemen of this Internet Kangaroo Court, please be seated....

Fugstar said...

Glad you could join the party.
Good luck and joy to the couple. interesting to see the guests were and the political entanglements. perhaps you wot notice the significance of them :-P

Were you there?

JI and AL have a level of self similarity going on the more i look at them. But JI are being treated most unjustly at present.

Ankh Morpok said...

So nothing specific then?

Glad you confirm it's just personal prejudice cum political preference.