Annual Book Burning Initiative

At the recent Tehelka London summit, an Indian murrabi addressed the muslims in the audience, he said we had the best Prophet, but things went really pear-shaped when we started burning books.

I'm all for knowledge, expanding it, embodying it and what not. But i also like fiery demonstrations in which nobody is harmed. In south asian culture burning stuff which belongs to you isn't particularly criminal.

Some might say i'm still smarting from an instance in my younger days where my ready to burn effigy of Sharon was sidelined for some equally ineffectual protest tactic. But i think this is fair game. Im not particularly bothered about the disgust of the overliterate. Besides nowadays with the printing press theres no danger of actually losing stuff.

I propose a book burning of important books that are wrong and evil. As a demonstration of ill will, following critique and whatnot, i think its a positive thing. Fuel is expensive these days.

We should have book burning award every year to function as some kind of celebration of human discernment. Of spotting whats true from false, guidance from mischief. There is too much chaff out there. Annual book burnings will symbolically purge the system. People who hear of them will wonder about the books in question and wonder why a group of readers saw fit to burn them, out of respect to the art or learning.

Do you reckon i could get lottery money for it?


Mr Moo said...

As long as you offset the carbon my friend, it is all about climate change now. No one cares if the leaves you scorch are from tomes or trees, as long as the carbon credits are purchased with ease.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the benefit gained in having the Quran burnt in Trafalgar Square, followed by copycat reprisals in Karachi.

The connection between seeing a book being burnt and pondering whether it may be wrong and evil does not follow, rather the contrary view is more likely to be formed.

fug said...

the rules of the competition would disallow sacred stuff from making it. it would focus on the year and take place a week following guy fawkes night.

to allay fears of the climate lobby and the antiburn lobby, erm, we'll review the option of drowning the books in the thames.

modern civilisation gives too much kudos to the hastily printed word.

asikha said...

do a suffragettes type of thing and burn you chuddies!

Jusy a suggestion...

asikha said...