D8 Summit

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The D-8 is an interesting collective. Its of 8 Muslim countries with large populations, a few of them are even of positive integer value. Since its birth in 1997 (Its an Erbakan baby) members have increased their interummahtic trade substantially so i guess its not a waste of everybody's time and attention. Theres also some cross institutional learning thats gone on.

Anyway they are in KL now having a summit. I hope it goes better than WIEF 2008 and previous D8 summits. Have a read of the lyrics this time, specifically on energy.

It should go better than WIEF because there are no GCC countries to distract attention to the potential of the unearnt money of fools ever doing anything useful. Three sectors are being targetted this time; Halal Industries, Biotechnology and Renewable Energy. The first 2 of these represent Malaysian self identified strengths I guess, and renewable energy too if you squint your eyes and notice their silicon cell manufacturing potential.

These meetings are only as successful as their participants make them. Nurturing practical relationships between young entrepreneurs in various bits of the ummah is important. Only they really know that.

For more tradey action on planet interummahtic there is a MUSIAD trade fair in Istanbul in autumn. Bring your wares.

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