Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode is a film critic. His radio show reviews are so recognised that the BBC system actually video broadcasts it! Lesser mortals observe his review performances with more awe than those of the actors in the films themselves.


Yahya said...

Fugstar, good man that you are" obviously you are a man of discernment. When I catch Dr Kermode in one of his trademark rants it is a source of great entertainment and mirth. But I've only heard him on the radio, and have missed all the body language. Does it make much of a difference? Notwithstanding his obsession with horror films, the good doctor is generally reliable.

Simon Mayo is also grossly undervalued as well. He sounds bland, but is in fact a brilliant broadcaster: intelligent, unpretentious, sensitive, witty and able to get all sorts of interviewees to open up.

Ws, Yahya

fug said...

Thankyou for your visit. Im not a real radio listener, but find splendour in perving on radio show.

Maybe the oral radio format is the best one for seriously engagement between human beings? blogs are really quite bitchy.

Anonymous said...

Why I don't like Mark is because the BBC have decided to terminate their written Movie review webpages and instead offer Mark Kemode's podcast - which is fine but not as convenient as the previous set-up.