I wanted to post Ashis Nandy here on the lamoness of secularism and the Indian middle class, or Mahmood Mamdani on the politics of genocide nomenclature. Both are pretty mighty mind gunners and fashioners of mind bullets.

Then there is more contextually relevant content, which is so much more actionable by ma peeps. Take this article by zia sardar on moveing beyond blame and shame from post london bombing July 2005, it points to spaces where muslims should have developed their collective inteligences. In it he talks to some of the more interesting and thoughtful members of Our Millat, im not quoting the boring ones.

"It is time," he says, "to go beyond the blame-and-shame game and develop an accountable culture that brings our frustrated and alienated youth in from the cold." An entire class of angry youth, working as well as middle class, has emerged from among Britain's Muslims. "So far," Malik also says, "nobody is talking about younger women. They are just as angry as young men."


"...The parents themselves are very conscious of their status and see admitting failure as a shame. "Most Muslim parents," says [a different]Malik, "are in denial about the activities of their children. They have wrapped themselves with a mythology that everything is hunky-dory."

The first step to bridging this emotional divide is for young people to talk among themselves about living in two different contexts. "We need to create spaces within our community where young people, male and female, can meet freely to talk about their problems," says Malik. This is where most of their frustrations could be aired. And, somehow, we need to communicate to the parents that there is nothing shameful about talking honestly about their problems.


sasha said...

We should give them a slap.

Taking an example of the hardworking generation of our predecessors, where did they have to pour out their frustration?

In a community that is evolving with many choices, the youth of today may do better embracing what he has and strive for he might not have. He is lucky to have an identity.

fug said...

probing for the next level of sophistication is not nimukharami.

to stress a negative. they had a lot of frustrations with they took out on eachother sometimes. giving us the skewed institutions that we have today.

i wanted to stress the need to creat honest space of real emgagement with pertinant issues.

thats being done, especially by the people zia interviews in above article. we are crystalising, a bit.