It is not inconceivable that a muktijuddo in 1971 is a jamati in 2008

Must do a lot of heads in to believe it though, especially young ones, and enraged ones. Their understanding is understandably red, black and brainwashed. Bereavement and injustice however should not be unbalancing experiences.

I have met such people as described in the title. One may play a numbers game if one wished to be quantitative and play down the core of the matter. One may switch on their righteous indignation also and titillate the people. Your behaviour is known, you fool none but fools.

ka-fa-ra = to cover up the truth

I asked the murrabi, who had fought as a muktijuddo in the war and joined jamat in the 1980s, don't the awami's call you a razakar.. isn't it a weird scenario? He said to me 'Well no, they know who I am, but yes, sometimes, but only when they are really angry'.

There is a lot of unheard for sentiment out there, from people who were present on the political and military fields, who feel they were used and wish another outcome would have transpired. This is not an official discourse. It might surprise some people that such characters, with their 'potent' symbolic capital, have been absorbed into the islamist party. Maybe such people just have not been paying attention to matters outside their own intellectual ghettos.

Here is to a crystalline future, polycrystalline perhaps, but please no more of this amorphous junk. Synthesis is not syncretic.


Anonymous said...

What other outcome? a unified Pakistan?

fug said...

just imagine a better outcome, where losses were less and gains more