Civil War amongst Muslims in uk due to prevent malarkey: hmmm

Shayk Micheal Mumisa writes in the Independent. Sectarianism hasnt really been a problem ive faced in life, but at certain levels of institutions I guess it hurts. Its sad, really sad how many organisations have taken prevent money. Its harmed them and made me feel distant from them, even if i love them.

I guess old tensions have created the conditions for opportunistic extremism pointing. The salafis have suffered injustices from the lips of 'Sufis'. A vivid example of extremism pointing was the shooting of Abdul Kahar, someone had a grudge, and decided that it would be a good idea to translate the grudge with the logic of the twisted west's war on 'terror'.

Maybe the Prevent programme and the imaginary war against terror has been purifying for the ummah. We see who dances to imperialism's tune and we discard them from our future. We also see who is brave enough to look at the issues from our own frames of reference with autonomy and oomph. History has been made.

Sectarianism hasnt been a part of my life perhaps because im Bengali and Sunni, we have little history with barelvi/deobandi fault lines, nor a particularly clear shia/sunni identity politics. Of course we have our own specifically stupid fault lines which are routinely massaged with salt by blue meanies. But religiously its not really affected me as I've grown up in a polycultural reality and aim for intra ummahtic interoperation and formal institutional evasion.

I am heartened by the growing realisation amongst the Islamically Moved of today that financial inducements from the state will not earn you any kudos or legitimacy within the ummahstructure, nor will they essentiall achieve anything.

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