like you can vote this away!

"If the ruling party is truly sincere about translating its pre-election promises into reality, it would be well-advised not to repeat the wrongs of the previous government including politicisation of different educational institutions along partisan lines and disregard for the rule of law. Otherwise, the people will call it to account come the next general elections, just as they did the previous elected government in the last parliamentary polls. "

Said the New Age, as an ngo report reports that the judiciary is quite corrupt and as the awami government show disregard for basic legal norms, drunk on empowered vengeful rage.

The press thing that the 'axe' of public voting is sufficient to keep a government in check?

Its quite pathetic really, almost as dubious as the military-sushil care taker government's reasoning behind the minus 2 formula.

What needs to happen is for there to be mass disenchantment from the clientelist political parties and new disciplined ideological formations and parties. The intellectual class, who are busy cashing in on private university teaching, consultancy and being dedicated foreign puppets have no credibility any more and need replacement.

Now step away from the NGO and put your hands in the air.

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