Unfair trials

Won't be fair.
At all.

I hope it wont be too humiliating to the innocent.
Be they those of the accused who are innocent or the emotionally exploited.

I wonder if there is anywhere they could be held that was fair and competant and encompassing of Pakistani and Indian actors?
Maybe the Hague?or would that be surrendering unto the rules and institutional integrity of pale males?

Shahriar Kabir certainly would think so.
Though I feel he is a crazy individual who undermines his Nirmulised cause.

Sometimes I wonder if a Bangladesh in 2051 might be in a better socio-judicial position to hold trials.
However even if the country was more secure with its self-narrative there would be problems with precise evidence, people alive enough to prosecute.

List making, a very bureuocratic process of identification and prioritisation.
Indeed the Volunteers' Collaboration and the Alliance of Liberation have that in common.

An unfair war crimes trial is not in my political aqeedah.
How useful are methods when there is no trust?

Systematic near historical analysis, spatialised, accomodative of different experiences and knowledges. Triangulating isnads.  Distillation and repudiation of common manifest error. Numeracy and precision.
Forensic DNA linking of defeated armies, all is possible if there is trust.

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