Victory for coalition double-glazing salesmen " no up front cost, you'll be better off, offset your

So thats it? £9000 per year to study in the UK. Only half of the lib-dems rebelled in the end., with several foetal and ethnic minocrity tories jamming up the commons to impress their leader.

A horse reportedly threw off its policeman rider outside, horsemen were being deployed against students and pupils in the 'containment zone'. How fitratic.

Some of the protesters have crossed limits, and the bbc is appearing more and more like Fox News presenting and amplifying the student menace with slavish repetition.

Keep calm and carry on, the logic of cuts. We deserve these reductions in services of course, because of the deficit, which has nothing to do with the bankers.

Looking at the commodification thinking and cuts logic unfolding in this parliamentary (non)debate and the climate negotiations you get the sense that the future generations are being sold down several rivers.

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Shak said...

Perhaps you should act as hope for your future generation instead of outsourcing it to your Government.

It's a brilliant result, and the fact that no one will be complaining about it in a week will prove that.