Rudro and the production of Taslima

There's a familiar song in bangla by the late Rudhro Muhammad Shahidullah (d. 1991) known as "Amar Bhitore Baire" or " Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko". The rendering in the clip below below has really caught me, from the dude's roommate tapping on his laptop in bed in the background, to the sincerity of his voice. I remember hearing the lyrics from cousins during trips to the Bangladesh in the 90s but have only come to think of them and their situatedness very recently.

The poet was an ex husband of the now notorious writer Taslima Nasreen (TN) and some say that this poem was his suicide note to her.

Thats enough to mess anything up.

Then I got thinking about the experiences that deshi society has given TN, the montage of framed action images that have (co)produced her. I wonder where the agency lay, in her or/and in the societal ecosystem around her.

Looking back at this and similar flashpoints the socially protective-reactive line of reasoning has dominated from what i can see. Forces to compound to power of the covering of truth.

A generative-tawhesive line of flight is what i'dlike

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