RAB and wikiLeaks

The Rapid Action Battalion was set up by the recent past BNP-led coalition government, because it was thought that the existing forces of the country were unable to deal with law and order problems. Black bandanas, black dogs, girl RAB, black jeeps, black shades. Don't mess... unless you are the state, in which case they will do your bidding.

Crossfire killings occurred in plentitude, but the people - many of them - felt some protection from some of that everyday violence that they are subjected too and have become 'entitled to' expect. Shahidul Alam, a photographic artist did an exhibition of crossfire killings, much to the establishment's chagrin.

As the caretaker governments made way for the current Awami League regime, the organisation can be seen to have become more vulnerable to war on terror distorting field.

Its a disgrace that secular fundamentalists play up the 'islamist menace' in the country ahead of the everyday violence. Every body knows that the lions share of violence is committed by the main parties. As a distraction tool, I can totally see how internal muppets of various political stripings used RAB as a card to cushy up to the state terrorists that are the UK and the US.

So as whiteous indignation follows the Guardian spin of UK coalition support of RAB i do wonder how it has been coached and trained by the bastard forces of these here colonials. RAB is an instrument of the drunken awami league government  and its users now. Just like the human rights bitches for hire we see in Bangladesh, and much of the South, being so managerial in sanctioning who can be human and who cant.

RAB needs to cake a decolonial route, and promote life, not death. The Guardian needs to get over and temper its 'death squad' imagery, however sexy and latin american-CIA assisted it sounds. I suppose they are listening to partial voices from Bangladesh who are happy to decontextualise, amplify extra-judicial killing and silence the great social problem of violent crime and gangsterism.

UK taxpayers getting all hoity toity about the evil crap they sponsor overseas (iraq/afghanistan anyone?!?) seems pretty rich to me.They need to recalibrate.

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