Prof Anwar Hussain doesn't miss a trick

Theres a prof from dhaka university who was recently released from jail for acting like a knob during a beautiful democratic blossoming of anarchy in dhaka last summer. The Human Rights franchise in bangladesh and others from his teacher's union (he is the general secretary) and aligned students (a minority of the total population) have been noisy about their release. The government let them go, probably because they are crap at proving things even though anyone sane, watching tv in dhaka at that time saw the prof going ape, doing a rather dated impression of the Late Mujibur Rahman doing third world charisma. It would have been cute if the scenario wasnt so dangerous.

Aaaaah, the budhijibification of bangladesh's collective intelligence. Brahminical in its self interest, yet anarchic in essential inability to reach concensus on anything practical. Magpie like in its hodgepodge swallowing of any white buzzword or fashion going... yet ostrichlike in its propensity to recognise and find deliverance from error. Overindulgent in its selflove and braggishness, yet starved of any interesting ideas.

Ya Haqq!

So the chap is out and already using his political capital to call for a witchhunt of students aligned to shibbir, for them to be called from darkness to light. Great news for atmosphere on campus NOT. How the hell can university students all born "After Bangladesh" be classed as anti-state? hmmm. maybe anti ground state (think : QM)

The good prof huf'n'puf enjoys a little more credibility now amongst regime-haters, though its hard to really tell what people think as a whole due to the lack of opinion polling. I wish he would just be a little more dignified.

Opinion polling in bangladesh ay?

I think a method for such a thing would be very difficult to build and it would be very difficult to trust anybody to build it. In fact the very idea of a bangladeshi opinion poll seems like a bit of a cruel exam question for entrance into some kind of magicians guild.

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