Pir Review

Pir Review is what happens when 'audience size' and 'audience cognition' is lower than the required threshold. If so the quality of ideas emerging from said group is low. A Pir you see has no Peer worthy or able to check, BS detect, refine and spot problems with this content. Sometimes this shortfall makes an awful mess.

It is common in subcultures trying to know themselves and the world differently but with limited resources and support networks of insufficient breadth and depth. Colonisation see, and other internal processes seem to have buggered a lot of systems up and inhibidet the growth of others.

Pirism has destroyed a lot of the credibility of tariqas in the east. It is also a dominant phenomena in atheistic circles in the east. Pirism proves the Orientalists thesis of the Emotional East.

Pirism inhibits the advancement of the Muslims these days. I suspect it is our faculties of discernment that require honing.

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