Muslim Rentboys

Its important to know who you are, and where you come from. therefore making a clean break with simplistic rendering of british Islam is unlikely to work, even though policy makers and control freaks might find it neater. every family's and individuals experience and capability to know about their fatherland differs. knowings one root is essential and personal.
we are not bangladeshis through, nor somalis, morrocans and pakistanis. not necessarily in any particularly useful way. those tired national markers lost their applicability through the passing of time and the unfolding of our own lives. But we do care, some more than others. Not a lot of inter and intra community dialogue occurs that touches on this matter, because we are driven by cheap media points scoring and misled. I hope this changes.
Coconutism is a non option. Naive islamism tries to get the common denominator but has some deculturing side effects, especially on the stupid. Nationalism by proxy maybe delaying the maturity of our general community. Most people in the fatherlands couldn't give a stuff about us. People do ask, pray and worry a bit, but elites and governments over there sold their dignity and faith down the river a long time ago. There is the vulture problem also but there are jewels too.
Collectively, there needs to be a balance in foci between; the here and now, the over there and deep Islam. Its not easy. For this to work we need more authoritative authority, not; sellouts, petrodumbos and cultural museum makers. The kind of authoritativity that we can trust for us to get the fard kifaya done (collective duties). Therefore values like trust, discernment, talent nurturing need enacting for the next few years. At the moment untrustworthiness, stupidity and mediocity seems to be asserting itself.
What we have happening in the uk, are a lot of different approaches for 'normalising' the muslim millet living upon it. Many of these come from the government's security interest, which inevitably buggers things up and regresses things. Some are more public than others, there are people who perceive themselves as Muslims spying on phonecalls, distorting human relationships, collecting data demonically, and generally stroking cats. Its pitiful.
Most recently, there are some damaged goods treacherous types, with no knowledge of their roots, who joined third rate movements like HT when they were younger and are currently promoting their rentboyness with the zeal and stupidity that characterised their 'Islamic' service days. Its very undignified. Their usefulness to the forces that want to capture and harm us will diminish with time so maybe its a matter of waiting for their few minutes to pass. We call them nimukharams, people ungrateful for their own salt. Its embarrassing.
Some don't like me calling them 'such a bunch of pakis', feeling it a racial slur, it is kinda, but its more general. The behaviour of aping white symbols of credibility, aspiring to fit into their structure and get ahead within it is dominant in the sell out classes of the Indian subcontinent. 'A bunch of pakis' always ingratiate themselves with invading power, whether its by turning their research to cover things like 'radicalisation' at the moment... by using 'Brass crescent awards' to culturally reproduce themselves or by outsourcing their higher brain and soul functions to the exploiter. When a bunch of pakis do democracy its just to painful to watch.
Its not racial. I love the pure, but this term seems to come into my head every time i see certain behaviours. Faith, Unity and Discipline are important to me too.
Whats very annoying, and chastening is how easy it is for people's own sense of self importance to destroy judgement faculties. The problem with HT is that there wasn't much Islamic development of the self going on in there. They destroyed peoples existent religious ties and imposed their own but often the personalities involved didn't get anything essentially out of it. These people used dirty tactics to spy on, disrupt and undermine their brothers, stuff which poisons the perpetrator, just like any unethical behaviour poisons. When we'd want to pray or learn, explore, probe and cooperate, they just wanted to talk politics and relay whatever they had just been spoon fed. One thing i found common to HTers was a lack of religious rooting in their family. I don't like the word 'non-practicing', the term 'skin deep' is better , though just as self absorbed and patronising :-P
Some people got into the religion through the gate manned by HT. This is better than losing it. The characters I respect are characters I'd respect irrespective of what ideology they held. People who sacrificed, were consistent and learned. Every movement contains some decent people. The self serving and devilish activities of the 'Turned from HT' cuts the branches between the new middle and young generations, creating more rootless prostitutes like themselves. They are too piglike to realise this now and I feel sorry for their children.
There are several others collectives out there, who share a dissapointment in what has passed for Political Islam, but it isn't in their character to be so mir jafaresque. The benefit of patience is that you do less damage. Besides, I think they love muslims and islam too much too be so destructive. The failure of so many Islamists to appear to have anything to offer in Muslim Fatherlands does not necessitate a capitulation of secular liberal surrender and abdication on the responsibility to pursue the moral and social imperatives of Islam. It only means that improvement work and beautification is more important.
Self funding is something that strikes me as important for the integrity of a platform or collective work. The best things cannot be bought or done by pandering to stupid ideas of what a charity is or what regeneration/development policy is. Such influences are distorting and dignity sapping. Maybe at one level professionalisation is needed to keep certain kinds of institutions stable, but lets not suffocate our wonderlust with it.
I think we're going to have to pay and make efforts for quality. Nobody else will do that for us.


Shak said...

>Its not racial. I love the pure, but this term seems to come into my head every time i see certain behaviours.

Spoken like a true racist; the clue is in the association, mate, and an inconsideration of the reasonable misunderstanding of your good-intentions.

I'd advise picking new terminology, 'cos you're not doing anything but discrediting your otherwise good point.

asikha said...

Yah, your definition is really only your own most of the time and that's not just talking about the P word...

Sometimes you gotta avoid certain words because of it's connotations and do further explaining of what one means, methinks.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the use of the R word myself. The imagery that comes to mind when reading it.

YusufH said...

I can see your point and frankly you are very entitled to be angry.
Now if I may be slightly off-topic and annoying, in an entirely helpful way of course:

Please use that phd-brain to craft and de-compexify the prose and language in order to better communicate. What is the point if only an "elite" (vomit) can understand? I don't think you're posturing with your vocabulary - just using it, unlike **some** (its getting embarrassing these days). There are none of the give-way excruciating malapropisms that it looks like we are gaining a reputation for. If there were I wouldn't say anything, - or come back.

To make essential major points to the maximum number of people requires, linguistically, the art that conceals the art. So the "Masha-Allah"'s will probably not be forthcoming. For a very good example, check Eric Margolis. I'm not doing it very particularly right now, I know, but then this is for a specific audience, as it were.
There is a very embarrassing tendency for some these days to posture with big words that might impress some from a poorly literate or non-English speaking background.
To anyone else they reveal themselves as pretentious and suburban.

Someone needs to do an Abigail's Party for us Muslims. Now there's a thought.

Shak said...

Hey Yusuf, it's a bit silly to criticise others of false posturing when to do so you use words like "malapropism" and reference strange people and their parties that no one has really heard of... unless heavy-irony was actually what you were really gunning for!

Sigh. I wish I understood you clever types and your long words :( Maybe I should read some more books or something.

fug said...

braader yusuf,

Excuse me for more slashing my self hating sub urban wrists old chap, but im not really writing for anyone who doesnt already live in lala land.

perhaps i should put up a sign.

fug said...

^more =not