My Leader

There has been a lot of talk about leadership and a lot of contesting and chest beating. I don't care much for it. Nor am i bovered with representation. If i wanted representation i would dance about naked in the streets representing myself everywhere.

I know who my leaders are and am quite lucky. Needless to say I'm sure they are quite clueless as to their identities as my leaders. Yes the 's'. I don't expect advanced guitar lessons from a hadith scholar, neither higher order wudhu tips from a fabulous cook. Thats not secularism, its just not being a gimp.

A leader solves problems, sees situations for what they really are and doesn't seek power over others. A leader uloominates and imanates nurons into the world. They exist in real life in multiple fields, but its the punter than needs to recognise their eminence in certain spheres and not get Pirified.

Seeing things for really what they are ey? So my leader is definitely not a craponomist.

My choice of leader has nothing to do with democracy, and everything to do with character, ability and collective life. Voting is cheap and tends to be staged to divide my people, misdirect them and weaken their collective strength. In some places people vote suicidally repeatedly until death. They vote for people who cannot help them.

Isn't suicide haram?


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