London Talking

It was thursday night recently so the telly was full of political jive. Govt miming nuclear power options with newsnight's sciencey correspondant picking holes everywhere, the launch of the Tata Nano (a itsy bitsy car not a bollywood mp3 player) with caroline lucas (green MEP) and some indian nationalist advisor to brown battling it out over environment, moral highground and linear projections of doom.

so the usual newsnight jibber jabber.

but then it came... *drum roll*

and it was on ITV

and Konnie Huq was chairing it (albeit badly, but no one took much notice of her).

It was 'London Talking'

Mayor ken, Boris the Toff and the Lib Dem chap in a three way shoot out with an audience full of party supporters from all three teams.

A few disjointed observations.

I dont mind the lib dem chap winning, he's got a fair vibe, he knows he doesnt have a chance but nevertheless improves the contest by taking part in it. I aint no Nader hater, if ken loses because of him it'll be kens own fault.

None of the others can touch ken. He knows.

It is amusing how comical the contest is turning out. Look at the contestants, the labour guy reminding us about what thatcher did to us, the tory toff guffawing and blathering like drunken man on the last tube home and the gay libdem ex policeman being all cerebral, practically engaging with the 'everyday'. You couldnt make it up.

I did love it when the lib dems and labour teamed up to hiss at the tories.

Boris is a nightmare, amusing to watch but knows nothing of london, its generational history, its people and possible even reality.

Black and Asian tories strike me as proper aspirant scumbags. Boris, or someone, had drafted a whole load of them in for the show and they were so embarrassing i wanted to eat my face. yes i love sayeeda warsi, shes got value, but this load of wannabes? jump of my cloud please.

Konnie Huq needs to figure that such facial expressions whilst reading an autocue might be ok on childrens TV, but look really silly in a political discussion context. (psst purple can you whisper a word to her afa?)

Its nice being part of a rather fabulous political unit... London. further evidence that I am in fact at the centre of the universe.


Shak said...

Konnie Huq was hot. Although she did lose control a couple of times.

But yeh, last night was ironically useful in that any thought about voting for Boris has now been dashed. I thought that the Lib Dem guy looked the best, although Ken did have a good go at rising above the games.

The audience was useless - why didn't they get real Londoners who don't give a crap about partisan lines? They were all propagandered up and hardly helped the debate.

Oh and Konnie was hot.

Shak said...

Forgot to subscribe

fugol said...

its telly man , its staged. in real life you can 'invite' a random audience and theyll be just as useful.

are there any independants?

asikha said...

Is the Tata Nano made out of plastic? Sounds cool anyhow...hope they do a cheap beetle version soon!

as for Konnie psst, don't think Rupa would quite appreciate it

although have to say ms. Huq's attempt at doing anything else other than Blue Peter is a bit funny, can't take her seriously

fug said...

you cussing konnie apa? geroff!

*shakes fist*