More lessons on Rentboys.

This post is dedicated to the indomitable spirit of Dr M, whose exploration and ritual 'abusement' of Pro-regressive's in North America shall never cease to amuse and cause cringing.

As we already know, a bunch of cruel ex-HT damaged goods are making a lot of money and ego on the 'Combating Extremism' front. Its embarrassing for those who love Islam and Muslims and believe that a better future is possible. Some of these damaged goods have formed The Quilliam Foundation. I am not hyper linking to the site in case I catch something virulent. You can google them, but that might raise their web rankings. This Quilliam Foundation entity takes money from questionable sources and continues the HTinspired practice of; seeking to brainwash the bewildered, abusing mass media, pretending and failing to be either intellectual or 'real' and generally being annoying but still damaging to the good name of Muslims.

So lets have a look at the frauds, nimuk-harams (south asian for ungrateful little shits) and fasiqs operating in the Quilliam fold. Abdullah William Quilliam is seen as one of the first UK Muslims who did stuff, he was a cool person who i would have liked to have met. Allah raise his good deeds. His descendants definitely would have nothing to do with the filth that are abusing his good name. The pretenders are using the logic of "White is Right", my two readers have indicated that i'm not allowed to use a certain term that rolls easily out of my brain anymore. So i will use the title of Franz Fanon's book "Black Skin, White Mask" and leave a little for the imagination.

Its just not going to work if we do strange things like:
  • Go on about the good days of Andalucia and pretend we are them, then go revive the maliki madhab and expect south asian hanafis to jump.
  • Pick a random darling white bro from the past and fudge a genealogy from of him to us.
  • Deny our ancestral rootings.
  • Be all cliquey.
  • Jump onto a movement caravan from south asia, west asia or east asia.
  • Stop at collecting the Ummah's Greatest Hits Volume 15 and neglect creating our own thing from the Engines of Creation bestowed upon us.

Anyway, that's all a question of taste, and/or strategy for building a more beautiful millet. These chaps don't care. Every time they get a broadcast platform they do not cease from their poisoning and fake righteous indignation. They even managed to malign Mufti Ceric of Sarejevo the other night. They want everybody as rootless and flacid as them. Some of them probably just want to get laid by people with double barrelled names. (erm yes i meant that metaphorically :-P ) The problem is with these folks, and i feel sad for them, is that they've sold themselves. They will not emerge as leadership and their children might curse them, not pray for them. It's a bit like Mir Jafar, who sold out Sirajudawlah to the British Empire so many years ago.

Sometimes Allah sends humanity counter examples. Men and women for us to know evil through.

Ethical Note:
{Fasiqs are those who spread filth in the land, they are not proper people so the usual conditions of assuming you are dealing with someone with honour no longer apply... i think}

In the diseased urine coloured corner we have Ed (birthname Mahbub) Husein. Who is so ashamed of his Bangladeshi and Sylatian roots that he tries to introduce himself as Assamese in his book. He has sold a self serving picture of his sad life on the open market and stained noble people with his malignant blamestorming operation. If you want to know more about him in his own imagination read his book in a shop or library or nick it from a mate or neocon who unwisely bought it.

In the prissy pink corner we have Majid Nawaz, a rather vile character, even before his imprisonment in Egypt, during which he opted for brainwashing ahead of torture that the other brits incarcerated with him opted for. A chap who regularly lies in front of white audiences about the level of teaching he's had with scholars of Islam. A chap who would go out of his way to make his Muslim brothers feel crap if it made him feel good or benefited his credibility, he still does. A chap who is convinced that he is a descendant of a brother of Muhammad bin Qasim, the early Arab who conquered Sind for a short while. A chap who is thick enough to have deluded himself with an Arab superiority complex which he publically shows off, despite historical improbability. A chap whose racism extends to despising south asians (stupid people who fall for HTism because they don't know Arabic sources... like every lebanese taxi driver). Knowing this leads me to believe that he's the one who is using Ed. He doesn't respect Ed, but has few allies and knows how to use people.

These two above love the media, official and security attention they are getting, who wouldn't ey? It is like a drug. Could so easily turn us all into prostitutes and fools. They slip up revealingly with too high a frequency for Muslims to take them seriously. Even rudeboys, pseudoseculars, non-muslim 'civilians' find them to have dirty minds... smelly brains. But they are not interested in us, it is the bewildered white folks that they are after. Joining these two we have another chap who was suspended from HT for dealing in stolen cars and another confused Bangladeshi who introduces himself as Pathan. You just can't make this stuff up.

I feel sorry for the originators of the HT movement in a way. This is despite all the hurt HTism has caused my loved ones, and the good works that Muslims have done collectively on campuses and what not in the UK. There's good people everywhere who benefit the universe and learn things, the better HT people go to the Muslim world and try to know it, and develop their ideas from multiple sources and avoid cultish behaviour. I do feel sad for the chaps who are in their 30s and 40s and still into boring people to death, maybe i see my future similar to theirs if i'm not careful?!? Deep inside of me I root for those who seek to understand and fix up the Ummah, i wish them many helping hands to finding out the truth and resembling it with their action. This would explain why i'm feeling this way about this episode.

Other movements have faced similar problems, you start sincere and competent and then all these roadies playground fools; decades down the line, in the weirdest of places, come and make a dogs dinner out of your principles and meaning. It's a lesson that we must stop hanging to other people's coat tail and chopping down trees. We must do our own gardening, plant our own cherry blossom trees and mango orchards with lots of things in mind and some flipping imagination and soul.

Look at the music of Gill Scott Heron and the filth that passes for a certain brand of music these days.

So there's the backdrop. The Instigators of this unholy mess were blown apart at the Fabian society Last Sunday. Her Royal Highness Shami Chatrabarti, the Director of Liberty did the groovy honours. She is so glorious that a band called The Dastards wrote a song about her a few years ago. After pouring doubt on the disintegrated Muslim thesis she rebukes 'Ed'. The polite version posted on the Fabian Society website is as follows,

"In a sharp exchange with Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty), Ed Husain challenged 'liberal do gooders' to be more realistic about the nature of the current terrorist threat. The author The Islamist said that democrats needed to do more to develop a clearer definition of extremism and a deeper understanding of the extremist ideology underpinning it:
'There is a lack of calling a spade a spade on this issue. We need to define extremism, unless we define the beast we will not be able to uproot it', said Husein.
'It will be a long time before I start taking lessons in democracy from someone whose acquaintance with it is so recent', said Chakrabarti."
What happened is that Ed in his thickness and lack brain or willingness to grow a brain resorted to a 'you might as well be the BNP' type argument with Our Queen Shami in an animated conversation after they had spoken. As a tireless, consistent defender of civil liberties, ex Home Office employee, brave warrior princess with Deobandi and Hindu family members this didn't go down well with her, accustomed as she is with reality. The scene ended up with MP Sadiq Khan having to physically separate the two and Shami Apa, the people's queen outing Ed as an 'Evil Little Man' in the gaze of the Liberal Establishment.

Ok so its the more tory and perhaps nastier parts of the English soul that Ed & Maajid are aiming to fool. It is this level of booboo behaviour towards a lady, not Maajids terrible attempts at dance and charming the ladies, that is emblematic of this fish's malignant death throw as it awaits suffocation in the warm air of truth.

Who knows how this thing will unravel. I hope there's some redemption.

No duck billed platypii were harmed in the making of this post.


Shak said...

Blimey *applause*

Betta wotch youre back bro :D

Have Quillaim been put in the same room as HT yet?

rains said...

great post.

asikha said...

I concur.

The Quilliam Foundation won't last and its fellow members will (hopefully) disintegrate into the air...

Anonymous said...

this quilliam jokers should be exposed for what they are. Ashraf (quillium meber with no picture), and others were always conspiring against the Hizb even when they were in. Some of them were sucked into position & ego like Ed Hussain.

Anonymous said...

you mean 'mujtahid' ashraf ul fuck?

Anonymous said...

seems like some serious pain went into that post, i wouldn't let these loosers get you too worked up ... the muslim scene is so dead in the uk that even the sellouts are mediocre ... why can't we atleast produce real monsters like hirsi ali or irshad manji ... well maybe there is a gender thing going on there

fugstar said...

^^a question ive often wondered about, but in terms of beautiful creatures rather than monsters.

My favourite explanation is that the really cool folks are getting on quietly with their open handed works, avoiding the pervy gaze of govt, media and literati.

A more chilling one is that the 'organs' were designed to reproduce their own mediocrity. Whats happening now is some kind of superficial hodgepodge, not cultural J.

Anonymous said...

^^I say we declare war on mediocrity in all its guises especially on the beautiful end of the spectrum ... these are the guys who are really soul destroying

fugstar said...

are you Q?
in the spirit of not following the sunna of bani majid (which i probably have with this post, which im thinking of removing) and also in the spirit of being mediocre myself, why not just enable parallel beauty?

I have had and have access to non mediocre beauty. but i think za beeblz radar is jammed. how do i know this isnt just a question of taste?

eg. The Mufti of Sarajevo, i always learn something new and feel a mind-soul buzz thing in his audience. Most folks dont see him on any form of media and dont even konw who he is. The mediocre ugly folks of Bani Majid seemed to be trying to make him a pariah in this country.

which brings one onto the topic of local talent.

oh dear.

but londonistan is a great place full of heroes who we probably shouldnt disturb or pervert.

some random bloke said...

Interesting post. I didn't like the venom in it though, hope you don't mind. Maajid seems to be a decent bloke, but Ed is a New Lab hack.

From what I can gather you seem to agree with alot with what they say, but not where they are coming from. In other words, they have a New Lab agenda and are politicising their differences with Islamist groups (read medievel jurisprudence). Am I right? I gathered that from observing your link to Farish Noor and the other blog you contribute to.

Shak said...

@random bloke

I think you're on to something. Maybe the fugster is jealous of Quilliam or something?

fug said...

'you agree with a lot that they have to say' , yawn... what a silly thing to say. Are you a bot? :-P

the blog that i link to that my thoughts are closest to is mustafa aykol's at the moment. I love farish's book of interesting interviews and loving adventures through the ummah and islamic education though.

Your pal majid has nothing trustworthy to say and contribute on any matter of consequence. Sorry if you kinda fancy him (he knows you do btw) thats one of the factors that let him rise in the late 90s (got the sisters in), cant have been his brains. He has a racial inferiority complex (very HT thing to have) and a bad three faced character. To understand why he does what he does, you need to know a few things about him. the venom as you see it, is true.

Anyway the universe re-equilibriated, Shami apa busted him up and id imagine they are nearly over.

some randon bloke said...

Fug be nice now. I don't even know Maajid and it seems you do have some insider thing going! Honestly some of your references baffle me. I personally agree with alot of where you are coming from, it's just the language seems a bit like a witch hunt, something you'd read in that God awful website 'Salafi Publications'

some random bloke said...

As for the Arab inferiority complex, I think that is a valid observation. Though to be fair it is not just an HT thing, you find it with all the grouplings and zealotry that makes up the hip and happening 'Dawah Scene'. I always found it worrying that a kid born and brought up in Bradford or East London decides to wear Arab Gulf clothing and pepper his talk with the few Arabic words he knows.

I think it has something to do with close knit communities and forms of cultural symbols that supposedly are meant to give status or establish authenticity within these communities. Also, a lot of these kids want to travel to the middle east and become 'alims' and you can see it with phrases they use e.g. 'Masha'Allah, isn't that brother knowledgable. He studied under Sheikh X, Y, Z." Then you see that brother cashing in his new gained status, speaking Arabic (for no reason) and qouting Hadiths in Arabic and what not to prove his (let's be honest it's usually a HE)status rise in the community. It's all very sad and insular. Then the few go abroad start a 'Dawah ring' pushing these ideas they learnt in Saudi or Syria (depending on the group of zealots the person identifies himself with) or whereever. If the person is not careful a cult of personality could be built around him. Look at the Quilliam Foundation website, and you get a gist of what I mean. As they say old habits die hard. Oh well...

some random bloke said...

Then the few go abroad start a 'Dawah ring'


Then the few that go abroad start a 'Dawah ring' when they come back.

fug said...

muslims have always journeyed around to go learn stuff, safar is a good thing to do. its part of our knowledge and experience super highway, always will be.

i think there are sufficient people with heads screwed on to benefit from established organisations for them to be worthwile. but they must make something new, not just carry the reproduction of somebody else's life commitment. and they are in greater numbers, but here's the deal, most people are followers, thats human nature. few people put their money, their skill and their hearts where their mouth is.

we want it on a plate. i say no. lets institute khums.

who are you dude. gimme a clue, stop the torture.
btw i dont thing boys are any less stupid than girls, we just get to wander around freer (with exceptions)

some random bloke said...

fug, I wasn't talking about journeying to learn, that has always been the way of doing things (though I have personal issues with it). it's just I am a bit uncomfortable with students going to learn early on, there should be homegrown institutions to cater for that. Anyway, that is something else all together. But kudos to Zaytuna for trying to start something which is grassroots.

I was talking about the status rise of people who come back from these trips. My observation was about tight knit groups or trends, with their own cultural symbols -- modes of dressing, talking and hierarchy. I might call some of them subcultures and as such they tend to be more insular than other trends and political movements (I think something like hassidic Jews are an example in Judaism. But again it varies in degree).

I am thinking more about groups like HT (i would think they're a counterculture trend as well), Salafism and certain forms of Sufis. The use of Arabic is about belonging, that if you know Arabic better than your average non-Arab Muslim, it raises you in status or to use a term you cash in your 'subcultural capital' or 'cultural capital' (again the form of capital varies, depending on the country we reside in and the nature of groups formations).

This exists, from my own experience, in adherents of many religious Islamic trends but again it varies in degree. For example, I can identify a 'traditional Islam' type with the use of North African terms e.g. 'sidi'. Salafis tend to use dismissive talk (due to their dismissal of all trends bar their own) e.g. ajeeb ya akhi (isn't this strange my brother). HT folk tend to like to use Usul al-Fiqh terms. These modes of speaking identify. Groups create distinctions between themselves and others on the basis of subcultural capital/cultural capital. They acquire status within their own social world through possession of subcultural/cultural knowledge and through making distinctions between themselves and other groups of people. This can involve a distinction between their own culture and that of the ‘mainstream’ i.e. subcultural capital.

Given much of the research is in youth subculture (which might be the case in many of these trends) but at the same time it is simply not just about youth. I think it would interesting if more research is developed in this area. Interestingly there is some stuff out there (in Muslim youth subculture):


Finally, by visiting the people's page on the Quilliam website you can see forms of cultural and subcultural capital (not the same) identified. Relationship of people to a group's heirarchy (greatly exagerated), knowledge of Arabic and forms of Islamic scholarship, names of 'mainstream' scholars, degrees etc.

Don't think I know you at all. I found your blog when googling 'Quilliam Foundation', to find out who they were. Your blog is interesting. I think you have a network of friends who visit, so maybe that is why you were mistaken into thinking that we met or know each other from before.

As for the gender thing, well we can discuss gender roles and status. You are right, we tend to be more free to move around and express ourselves then women, leadership and status (especially within these trends) can be around modes of patriarchy. That's what I meant.

fug said...

are we doing a bourdeiuoiuoieuasian analysis of UK ummahtic types? what fun!

know this, if the messages coding isnt recognisable to the reciever, then the receiver wasnt supposed to be in the loop anyway. that might also be an excuse for bad communication.

symbolic violence... i think that the govt, media and interests behind them know exactly what symbolic violence they are commiting against muslims and others. they have history.