Muslim Pride and Oyster Pay-As-You-Get-Lost

So its official, any fallen princess or pop 'star' can surely rely on some sappy bro to be her rebound chump face. I don't even want to link to the trashy gutter 'news' I'm referring to. I think you know what I mean. Its like inside out antidawa.

Lets hear it for the Oyster Pay-As-You-Get-Lost system. Do NOT use it. If you do be very sure that you know where you are going all day before the day has unfolded and don't try the trains, they will screw you..unevenly. The tube-train interface is like a larger mechanical embodiment of cross connecting calls between mobile operators, staffed by stupid people unworthy of custodianship of such powerful infrastructure.


Shak said...

RE Oystercards, perhaps you just don;t know how to use them?

RE pop stars, apologies, but I really have no idea of what you're talking about. Antidawah?

asikha said...

Ditto to first point. The art of using Oyster doesn't come to all I think.

Lol @ pop star. Is that really worth talking about? So Britney's rebound guy has a Muslim name, I think the ummah will be o-k...

fug said...

well i dont, but im saved by not being on the pay-as-you-get-lost-and-wander-about form of it. Some people however dont use the simple commuter solution.

2nd issue, its more an erm cultural virility issue. Part of not being meant by design for these kind of games is the feeling of second handedness I attach to the folms who fall for them.

and thats definately not cool