The Sustainable Haddock

Yes, i saw it on a menu, yes we asked the innocent waiter what it was and yes he offered a sincerely believable explanation of fish farming practice.

I'm sure somebody somewhere felt happy that someone elsewhere felt guilty about a problem someone somewhere else actually has power over but wants to us to be the eyewash for. I'm also pretty sure that a smaller person or two somewhere else feelsthat their sustainable world is that ickle bit closer.

It sounds good to the ear though doesnt it? and its hard to argue against these pieces of art. development, empowerment, democracy, progress. they are so craftfully manicured and rendered into commonsence. Here's to the day when BS profusion is rejected and even annihilated. when meaning not noise is carried by terms. Ya arRazaak. Only you sustain and provide. Whats with these goons messing with your atribute, help us tend your trust.

On a related note, looks like big fish are back in the Kushiara River!! The creature to your right weighed in at 240 kg. Somebody paid about £700 for it at a Moulavibazari fish fair. I wonder how many guitar plectrums...

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