"I've loved Muslim women, its Islam thats a problem"

You've just got to laugh at the chap, and be quite familiar with this kind of scenario by now. tinku shak .
Clearly this is not the "Begum Effect" that I am after, though there is this sad sellout fringe that uses and gets used by honky partners to this day. Ladies, please dont go there. Bros, evolve faster. Families, try something a little more righteous than locking up your daughters and letting your sons run wild.
There's something conquest-like about the engagement of shallow honkies with Muslim background people on a personal level. Our people should be aware of this. Rumsfield, Amis, Britney... while the load mouth types sell us out with their silly words, some just do it with their bodies. Of course the former is more purposefully collective and the latter personal, but there are signs there of the shape of things. Imran bhai marrying Jemima Apa was the right way around.
go on, say it 'Globalisation'.
Some of the most annoying white people ive met are those kind of people who went out with muslim girls, or expatted in arabia somewhere, and think they know something. I was stuck on a plane next to one of these people, for a very long time..... a journalist taking white flight to honky occupied Aborigina. I had to sit there listening to him thinking he was so smart namedropping and quoting randomly from the NJ Dawood translation of the Quran in the belief that it was a Muslim one, picking fights with himself and smuggly operating under the dawa-pamphlet logic that it was my obligation to clear up his dirty filthy and messy mind.
I remember him initially reflecting rather bitterly on his brown muslim ex-girlfriends rejection of him culturally and in the end personally. I figure she was using him just like he was using her. I didn't really feel sympathy for any of the characters in the scenario.
Nobody really mentions this one, but i'll get it in here anyway. Much of honky angst against the khimar.hijab.niqab jive is because the poor dears dont get a good look and perve at these groups of females. They dont like the idea that someone is inaccessible to them (charms and smarms) as it runs against the imperialistic grain of their of their false universalism. Because everyone needs you and wants you.
Conquests Without Borders.


Shak said...

Maybe it's because I'm a naturally cynical chap, but it always seems obvious to me when one's Islamophobia is directly due to a bitter-sweet romance with a Muslim. "He/she was amazing, it was their religion that caused the problems" as if Islam is a third party in these matters.

Of course I could just be jealous of these people.

Fugstar said...

dont be man. she sounds like some inbred high bred embarrasing posh pak type. and he's a dog.

Fugstar said...

dude, whats with the 'I' word.

i think the term is more muslimosis, being fed up with muslims